Choose St. Louis Laptop Screen Repair Shops over Electronics Stores

Choose St. Louis Laptop Screen Repair Shops over Electronics Stores

Breaking the laptop screen can be a hassle, especially when people need it most to write a report for the boss or to create a presentation for a meeting the following day. Many expect that the manufacturers, or even resellers, of these computers are equipped with the necessary tools, parts and staff at any given time, and that repairs could commence quickly. David Segal, the man behind The Haggler column of The New York Times, however, shares the dilemma faced by one of his letter senders when she sent her broken laptop for repair:

“…I bought a Lenovo laptop through the company’s website, and when its screen cracked in mid-January I brought it to the Best Buy in Flushing, Queens. (For a fee, Best Buy repairs products that it doesn’t sell.) The company sent my computer to a service center and, three weeks later, I had heard nothing, despite several calls. I filed a complaint with the Best Buy hotline.

When the computer was eventually returned to the store, the screen — which was still cracked — was the least of my laptop’s problems. It didn’t work. I mean, it was essentially a brick.

It was also scratched and scuffed. Just as annoying, nobody at the store seemed to care much about my problem. My computer was sent back for repairs yet again.”

Product repairs are not the top priority or even the specialty of most, if not all, electronics stores in the country and consumers need to realize that. Pumping up sales is what they do and many can expect that they only have a staff or two who are dedicated to answering queries on fixing broken laptops. Laptop owners in St. Louis, for example, should learn that broken portable computers are best sent to trusted St. Louis laptop screen repairshops and not to resellers.

choose-st-louis-laptop-screen-repair-shops-over-electronics-storesThere is a big difference in the services of a shop that handles cracked laptop screen repair in St. Louis and a store that sells electronic products. Obviously, repair shops live by providing repair services as their main line of business while electronic stores merely sell the gadgets and give little technical support. It is, therefore, important that people approach repair shops first when their computer screens crack, especially when the product warranty has already lapsed.

Repair centers in the St. Louis area, such as eTech Solutions, are manned by trained and professional technicians who can tend to any problem people have with their gadgets. Repair service providers do not have sales people and will not try to sell customers anything but the assurance that they will do their best to fix the customers’ cracked laptop screens and other computer problems.

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