Importance of Cell Phone Data Recovery in St. Louis in Solving Crimes

Importance of Cell Phone Data Recovery in St. Louis in Solving Crimes

Several police investigations would not have been successful in the past, if not for cell phone data recovery experts. In one recent case, involving the rape and murder of Texas teen Shania Gray, the killer was convicted by virtue of recovered evidence from the victim’s iPhone, which was dumped in a nearby pond. contributor Christa Miller reports:

“The badly waterlogged device contained the only evidence of Davis’ connection to the crimes. Several law enforcement forensics labs were unable to salvage the evidence, and investigators had to forward the device to data recovery specialists in California. They did retrieve the evidence, and Davis was convicted of capital murder last November.”

The killer, Franklin Davis, confessed after the evidence was recovered; saying that he killed the teenager because the latter was to testify against him in a 2010 sexual assault case involving both of them. Davis reportedly raped Gray while she was babysitting his children.

importance-of-cell-phone-data-recovery-in-st-louis-in-solving-crimesNo one can practically hide things from authorities nowadays, even by disposing evidence stored in mobile devices like cell phones. Therefore, even if mobile devices were thrown into ponds or other spots where they could be damaged, the information stored could still be recovered by, say, companies that perform forensic cell phone data recovery in St. Louis, using specialized software. Below are some of the files that cannot be wiped off a phone’s memory easily:

Images and videos

Deleting a photo or video quickly after taking it does not erase the file automatically. While the screen shows the file being deleted, the file is technically being sent to areas of the flash chip called the solid state memory. Factory resets can only destroy the paths to access the pictures and videos, but they cannot eradicate the files. Forensic software can easily re-establish these pathways to re-access the data left behind.

SMS and email messages

Messages in Gray’s iPhone were important in capturing Davis. His text and social media messages threatening his victim contributed to the conviction. All messages sent and received using SMS, email, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, and even instant messaging data platforms can be salvaged by skilled data recovery specialists.

Web browsing history

With more people accessing the web through their mobile devices, smartphone app manufacturers have become more adept in developing technologies for tracking and monitoring Internet usage. The downside to a more complex technology, however, is that it becomes more vulnerable to exploitation, too.

Bank details on apps

Banks can never ensure secure banking on a smartphone or any other mobile device. As long as a code or pin is required to access customer details, they can be recovered using advanced cell phone data recovery in St. Louis from companies like eTech Solutions.

(Source: The Challenges of Damaged Mobile Devices,, June 3, 2014)

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