Phone and Tablet Screen Repair in St. Louis for Water-Damaged Devices

Phone and Tablet Screen Repair in St. Louis for Water-Damaged Devices

Can you spend a whole day without using your phone or tablet? Bonnie Cha, news and product review writer for All Things Digital, paints a picture of just how people can be inseparable with their mobile devices.

“We take our cellphones and tablets with us almost everywhere. We bust them out at restaurants to take pictures of our meals. We take them on beach vacations, so we can read ebooks or share photos with friends and family back home. We even take them into the bathroom.”

Because of the large roles mobile devices play in a person’s life, accidents are bound to happen to them. The most common of which is water damage. Fear not, Cha notes, “if your gadget does happen to go for an accidental swim in the pool or toilet bowl, it doesn’t mean that it’s toast. There are steps you can take to save your device.”

phone-and-tablet-screen-repair-in-st-louis-for-water-damaged-devicesThe author reviewed a product that uses molecular beads to dry her mobile devices. She also mentioned the very popular home remedy: a bag of rice. “Neither of these solutions is foolproof, but they are definitely worth trying,” Cha writes. Although in her experiments with iPods, the allegedly tried-and-tested methods didn’t work, people all over the world swear by them. Other alternatives exist, such as silica gel, and cat litter.

When all the innovations and home remedies don’t work, don’t give up and start looking for a new gadget. You can still take your device for repair, especially when the problem is limited to the screen. Reputable shops like eTech Solutions can do professional phone ortablet screen repair in St. Louis.

Being submerged in or exposed to water, the screen of mobile devices could be damaged in all sorts of ways. The circuit that enables the screen can be fried with home remedies, like using a hairdryer or putting the phone in an oven (yes, people dare do that!) Even if home remedies or commercial products work, some of the damages might show up a few days after the phone or tablet was “revived.”

Some people may get encouraged by easy do-it-yourself screen repairs and replacements. However, consulting trusted repair shops that offer smartphone, Android tablet, and iPad screen repair in St. Louis would be safer than tinkering with the gadget yourself. Expert technicians use their training to be precise, accurate, and extremely careful in reviving your mobile device.

(Source: Rescuing Water-Damaged Devices: Is There a Better Fix Than Rice?, All Things Digital, September 12, 2013)

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