Top Tech Trends to Watch for in 2018

Top Tech Trends to Watch for in 2018

  1. Verizon has selected Samsung as the provider for its 5G commercial launch in the new 2018 year. This release is a big deal because of its result of higher wireless speeds, capacities, and lower latency. In simpler terms, this wireless technology will result in much fewer delays and technical hesitancies in our daily technologies. These higher data rates will result in seamless steaming.
    How fast is 5G? The article used an example of a two-hour movie download. On the older 3G network, it would take 26 hours for the movie to download. On the 4G network, it was reduced to 6 minutes. However, the 5G network would reduce the download to 3.6 seconds!
  2. According to CTA’s research, voice assistance has been widely used this holiday season. One in four shoppers have used voice assistance to shop during the previous year’s holiday season and they believe that it is only going to grow more popular. Some common voice assistant devices include Amazon Echo devices, Google Home, and Apple’s HomePod.
  3. Facial Recognition on the go is becoming widely popular especially in Smartphones. Facial Recognition involves recognizing our facial structure, eyes, and noses. For example, a smart car’s facial recognition can recognize when its owner is walking towards the vehicle and can unlock its doors, open the trunk, etc.

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