Corporate Accounts

Your business depends on countless electronic gadgets and other devices to keep operations running smoothly. When one thing breaks down, so does your productivity. You can trust our Corporate Maintenance Plans and business solutions to keep those gadgets and devices running optimally. Your business is too important not to have a back-up plan in place.

shutterstock_289512956 (1)Solutions For Small and Medium Size Businesses

As a business owner, being connected is a vital part of your success and profitability. Offline time for you or your employees can be devastating and finding a solution can be both costly and time consuming. At eTech Solutions, we specialize in keeping you connected and eliminating that stress from your already busy schedule. Our customized maintenance (extended warranty) programs provide the following advantages:

  • Secure data protocol to ensure confidentiality.
  • No wasted time transferring/recovering data, or reinstalling software since we keep the data on the device.
  • Convenient pick-up/delivery service options.
  • Nationwide coordination.
  • The industry’s most highly trained and professional technicians.