Frequently Asked Questions

At eTech Solutions, we have many years of experience providing cell phone repair service as well as repairs for other devices. Moreover, our certified technicians and experts have an extensive knowledge of different makes and models in cell phones. Therefore, we can provide excellent repair service at some of the most affordable prices.
Although our specialty lies in repairing cell phones, we also repair other devices like laptops, ipods, tablets, and more. To learn more about the types of repairs we can provide, contact us.
For local customers, we can complete most cell phone repairs within an hour while you wait. We also offer out-of-state customers an option for same-day cell phone repair service by mail.
eTech Solutions offers nationwide cell phone repair service. Out-of-state customers can send us their phone or other device by mail, and we can complete the repair and return your phone promptly.
If you would like to arrange for mail-in call phone repair service, you can simply call us at (314) 282-8318 or complete online contact request form to make arrangements for a mail-in cell phone repair service.
We offer cell phone repair service for many different kinds of problems including cracked screen, audio issues, charging problems, water damage recovery, broken touch screen, camera repairs, and many more. To find out if we can help you, contact us today!
eTech Solutions provide affordable cell phone repair service at some of the lowest rate you will find. Instead of spending a lot of money buying a brand new phone or paying for costly manufacturer and Apple store repairs, we can usually fix your damaged phone fixed for a much lower rate. This will save you money.
Depending on the type of damage or problem you are experiencing, it is important to note that the data stored in your phone may already have been lost. In many cases, however, we can provide cell phone forensics and data recovery services to recover data from damaged phones. If we ever need to wipe off the data from your device during repair, we will first notify you before going through with it.
We offer cell phone repair service for nearly all types of phones. This includes all Apple iPhone models as well as Android based devices including Samsung and Motorola smart phones.